GONCA Bakliyat


Set up food wholesale in 1976 in Mersin, Konca family has been running a business in the pulse and grain industry and taking a place among respectful tradespeople by proving its reliability. As the firm has become a corporate based on strong family business and the use of advanced technology, it gives priority over professionalism.

Gonca Bakliyat is involved in trading activities such as production, processing, and packaging of pulse and grain. Since the last five years, it has been renewing its vision and aims in the market and when looked at the statistical data of the last five years, it is noticeable that its growth doubles in each year. The fundamental principle of Gonca Bakliyat is to produce pulse and grain of high quality in hygienic work conditions and to fulfill the customer satisfaction at the highest level. Our mission is to serve to our customers with “right product, right quality, and right pricing”

Gonca Bakliyat has succeeded in becoming one of the leading companies involved in export and import activities at the international arena. This success has been observed at the national level as brand familiarity is found to be increasing by the research done.

We aim to continue our successes and to grow even bigger in the sector. In order to attain our ideals, we keep our vision and aims at highest level.